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After several years of criticism of Apple, Samsung has removed the headphone Jack in its latest smartphone

Recently, Samsung introduced a smartphone Galaxy A8s, which in many ways is a landmark for the company. This is the first phone with a cut in the screen, a new form of camera, and it has no headphone Jack.

When Apple introduced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in 2016, Samsung criticized the company for lack of the 3.5 mm connector. Samsung has released many promotional videos, which pokes fun at Apple over missing the audio connector, and stresses the superiority of their smartphones. …


Solid state batteries will change the world of electronics in a few years

The technology used to create batteries obsolete, and fortunately for them the change will soon come a perfect solution.

Two years ago Samsung has withdrawn its flagship Galaxy Note 7 due to the fact that they blew up the batteries. Modern smartphones run on a single charge not more than a day. And after a year of service they have to replace so much they lose in volume. The reality is that currently used Li-ion batteries are very imperfect and even dangerous. Apple and the …


Samsung smartphones again started to burn people’s property

Recently a resident of Detroit lost the car due to the fact that one of its smartphones caught fire in the road.

The woman reported that while she was driving, her Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S8 lay nearby. Suddenly one of them ignited and in a few minutes the car burned to the ground. The victim almost died.

“I was just driving down the street, turned the corner and suddenly saw a flash of light with sparks,” the woman told local reporters.

The incident occurred …


iPhone has become the cause of fire in Las Vegas

Samsung is not the only company that produces life-threatening smartphones. Apple gadgets can also pose a threat, and the recent incident in Las Vegas confirms it.

Recently, the network appeared the video, which captured fire iPhone 6S. It happened in one of the workshops. The video can be seen as one of the employees works without touching the smartphone, but he suddenly exploded. Of course, such establishments are usually the damaged or failed device. However, given the fact that …


Batteries iPhone 8 Plus continue to swell

Before the release of iPhone X in a few weeks, and Apple is working hard to solve problems with the iPhone battery 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. Some owners complain of uzdevumi when charging the battery.

At the end of last month the owner of the iPhone 8 Plus from Taiwan said that is connected to the charge the phone suddenly began to swell. The incident occurred just five days after the purchase.

Second report on the blow-up iPhone 8 Plus came from Japan. The owner reported that is …


Samsung has devoted considerable attention to batteries Galaxy Note8

The company has taken into account the sad experience with the Galaxy Note 7 and the new smartphone puts batteries scrutiny in several stages.

Samsung engineers worked with the company for standardization and certification of equipment in the field of security of Underwriters Labs. Each battery Galaxy Note8 is thoroughly tested, consisting of eight trials.

“We worked closely with Samsung and strictly carried out the assessment of the safety and quality Note8. As a result of tests, …


Will Samsung beat iPhone?

Traditionally, in September, Apple introduces a new generation of iPhone. Traditionally, each model becomes a real hit. So it was with each new generation of “Apple” smartphones. Any manufacturer of Android camp managed to surpass Apple in terms of sales of the same version. Came the closest Samsung is a company that offers an original approach to the design of devices that seasoning is an impressive marketing budget. If the South Korean manufacturer one day to surpass iPhone? Life observers …


Apple received 83.4% of all profits in the smartphone market in the last quarter

In the I quarter of 2017, the share of the manufacturer of the iPhone accounted for 83.4% of all profits received by companies on the global smartphone market. This is stated in the report by research firm Strategy Analytics. A year ago Apple was equal to 79.8 per cent.

According to observers, the operating profit of the “Apple” giant is 30.7% of revenues. For comparison, main competitor in the market, Samsung, the figure is only 9.7%. As noted by analysts, Apple’s success is evidence …


How to cheat the protection of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8

Scanner iris, built-in the Samsung Galaxy S8, it is possible to cheat with the help of pictures. Although the scanner and understand the difference between the planar image and three dimensional object, as found by German experts, enough to stick on the photo and a contact lens to knock this tool off.

The experts demonstrated a way to bypass one of the main tools for biometric authorization of Samsung flagship S8. Scanner iris of the eye can be fooled with the pictures.

Galaxy S8, …


LG and Samsung are preparing to release iPhone 8 new model of the flagship smartphone

South Korean companies Samsung and LG preparing for the release of the new iPhone 8 anniversary, planning to present new versions of its high-end smartphones. It is reported in the Friday edition of the Investor.

LG intends to release a modification of a top smartphone LG G6 with 32 and 128 GB of internal memory. At the moment the only solution available on the market in South Korea version is equipped with 64 GB of flash memory.

As for Samsung, the manufacturer intends to offer …