iPhone has become the cause of fire in Las Vegas

Samsung is not the only company that produces life-threatening smartphones. Apple gadgets can also pose a threat, and the recent incident in Las Vegas confirms it.

Recently, the network appeared the video, which captured fire iPhone 6S. It happened in one of the workshops. The video can be seen as one of the employees works without touching the smartphone, but he suddenly exploded. Of course, such establishments are usually the damaged or failed device. However, given the fact that burning gadget is not subjected to any influence, be it heat or physical deformation, the current situation seems especially unexpected and frightening.

What camera filmed the explosion of the iPhone, confirmed one of the employees of ABC who first prepared a report about the situation.

This is not the first case when the iPhone leads to fire indoors or injuries, but this usually occurs in violation of the rules of operation. For example, when the smartphone was connected to resertifitsirovana charger.

Wanton fire was observed in the flagship Samsung 2016. Then broke out a large-scale scandal hypergolic Galaxy Note 7. This gadget has injured hundreds of people, and the threat level was so high that Korean novelty even banned to be carried on Board the aircraft.

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