You don’t want to install the app Meitu

The app is called Meitu appeared in the App Store recently, but already became one of the most popular store in many countries. It is interesting the way it handles the pictures and distorts the face, turning it into something like anime. However, under the innocuous at first glance, the app is hiding something much more significant.

As CNET writes, the Chinese application contains suspicious code, and requests a large amount of data about the device, including IMEI, IP address, mobile operator and other information. The program also scans your iPhone in order to install the jailbreak. As such, the program got in the App Store — absolutely incomprehensible.

Worst of all, all information transmitted to Chinese servers. As they say in Meitu, they collect data only with the aim to optimise application performance and to understand how users interact with ads.

However, the true purpose of gathering information are not clear yet. Experts believe that the data may be sold to third parties. So if you are in urgent need Meitu, suggest to uninstall the application prior to a detailed investigation. And for those who want to tickle your nerves, give a link to the application and advise just in case before installing to read again our article.

Title: Meitu
Publisher/developer: Xiamen Meitu Technology Co., Ltd.
Price: Free
In app purchases: No
Compatibility: For iPhone
Link: Set

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Clifton Nichols

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