13 facts that we learned from the first reviews of the iPhone X

Paul Gorodnitsky meticulously studied all of the Express texts of the new Apple and formulated key insights.

Disclaimer: Apple has given phones only approximate journalists, so nuclear critics in their materials not and could not be. It is not only good manners, but also a reasonable approach – if you criticize the novelty, you can say goodbye to the “white list” of the company from Cupertino.

Accordingly, all of impartial reviews iPhone X will come out after November 3.

And while we are content Analytics from rukopozhatnyh authors.


1. iPhone X leaves a feeling completely new things. “This has not happened since the iPhone 4” is one of the most popular phrases in the first reviews.

I’d love to believe it, but somehow felt false: the shape of the case “ten” is not far removed from the iPhone 6 and similar devices. It is possible, journalists embellish the novelty effect, although reporters who were at the presentation device, in private conversations, also I notice that remained in the wild delight.

2. X iPhone holds a charge longer than the iPhone 8, but less than the iPhone 8 Plus.

What does this mean in practice? What if you actively use the frameless iPhone dies in the afternoon (17-18 hours if removed from the charging 8-9 am), with moderate – in the evening (20-21), and the economical – closer to the night. Absolutely tolerable figures for the flagship. Moreover, the dimensions of the iPhone X is only slightly larger than the iPhone 8.

3. Face ID all leaves different emotions.

Some say that immediately adapted to the new way of unlocking and enjoying all transactions in Apple Pay. Other commentators admitted that the screen has to look like in the mirror, and it requires getting used to.

But almost no one could hit on the recognition accuracy. Face ID is good and in the dark, and additional attributes (for example, glasses).

4. IPhone X frameless screen, but about accidentally pressing almost nobody even stuttered.

Their predictable no – thanks to clever algorithms Apple.

5. The authors suggest an epidemic to take X for iPhone brand case.

Frame immediately appear, but the screen and back panel safe. A controversial recommendation: whether iPhone X seems fragile, if people are strongly asked to write about the accessories. In any case X iPhone case loses at least half of the appeal.

6. Screen iPhone X just a mad contrast.

Journalists massively orgazmiruet from the black color, it’s so rich and natural. Other differences compared to “eight”, apparently not (if to speak about screen).

7. Another important detail: iPhone X suitable for use with one hand.

I specifically asked those who had walked with “plus”, and now moved on to “ten”: people are happy that we can reach with the fingers of one brush almost anywhere in the 5.8-inch screen.

8. And a little more about the screen: with Face ID he’s watching eyes, and is not extinguished, if the owner, for example, reading a book and haven’t gotten to the bottom of the page.

There is no question – a very useful feature.

9. Many apps not yet adapted for iPhone X look horrible.

Meet regularly glitches. There’s nothing wrong: after migrating to the iPhone 6 was the same, but for 3-4 months all self-respecting developers have released updates of the big screen.

10. The screenshots on the “top ten” are done like on Android: Power button plus volume button.

In General, such combinations (with volume and Power) will now be a lot: even to switch off, it will be necessary to hold down two keys, not just to hold Power (in this scenario Siri will come out).

11. Multitasking frankly uncomfortable: open called APPA. movement with pressure on the screen.

This option clearly needs to be tested personally, but the reviews don’t sound very optimistic.

12. The coolest gesture in iPhone X – switch between “neighboring” applications.

Easy maneuver with your fingers, and you’re in another window.

If you do an iPhone X speedtest, will you this gesture to go between apps or go home and tap on the last app on the second round? pic.twitter.com/XsfgfeNrNb

— Gaurav Sajnani (@gaurav_s20) October 31, 2017

13. By default, iOS on iPhone X cut down the percent of the battery – lots of users this fact has caused panic.

In fact, all activated through the control point, although it is unclear why Apple originally skrysil percent.


And the main intrigue is: will survive if animoji, which boasted the first owners of the iPhone X?

It seems to me, is good entertainment for one night (or one presentation), but overall mediocre, banal and useless function.

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