AliExpress: 10 smart pet accessories

All sorts of gadgets and other gifts of scientific and technological progress can serve well not only to a person, but also to his smaller brothers. For dogs and cats, of course, they do not produce smartphones, but there are a lot of other curious devices that make life richer and more comfortable. For this collection, we chose ten items with AliExpress, which are definitely worth paying attention to.

Clip on the smartphone for photographing animals

If you took photos of your pet at least once, you probably faced such a difficulty: it is almost impossible to get the pet's attention so that it looks directly into the lens without the aid of foreign objects. This problem is solved with a special clip on a smartphone with a ribbon holder, on which the pet's gaze will be focused.

Buy for 203 rubles

Collar with camera

Universal collar with a camera in the form of a keychain will show where your pet was walking and what you did in your absence. writes video in 640×480 resolution at 30 frames per second. The charge of the built-in battery is enough for one and a half hours of work. The accessory supports microSD memory cards up to 32 GB (card not included).

Buy for 1450 rubles

Leash with a flashlight

Moestar UFO Roulette Lead (brand Xiaomi) is one of the necessary accessories for dog owners. The length of the lead is 2.6 m. Weight is 230 g. A flashlight with a 200 mAh battery for walks in the dark is built into the tape measure.

Buy for 3089 rubles

Action Camera Vest

With this adjustable vest with a special mount, you can install virtually any action camera on your pet's back.

Buy for 753 rubles

Tray for cats

Judging by the reviews, cats like this plastic Xiaomi tray because of its large size. The kit includes a special scoop for sifting filler.

Buy for 1747 rubles

Comb Massager

Antistatic comb-massager for pets Xiaomi Mijia Jellyfish in the form of a jellyfish. Due to the special composition of animal hair is not electrified.

Buy for 704 rubles

Toy ball

Another gadget from the brand Xiaomi for Petoneer pets is a ball that rolls by itself. Powered by a 320 mAh battery. It also has a catnip compartment. The manufacturer claims that the battery will last for 3.5 hours of use.

Buy for 1198 rubles

Dispenser for food

Xiaomi's clever pet bowl will help feed your pets on time, even if you are far from home. The device can be controlled from a smartphone. A special mechanism inside the gadget will evenly distribute the portions and promptly notify the owner about the need to fill it.

Buy for 6212 rubles

Tracker for cats and dogs

A practical GPS tracker that helps track the pet's location with an accuracy of 10 m. The manufacturer notes the presence of moisture protection (IP67 standard), a built-in voice recorder and support for MicroSD memory cards.

Buy for 1572 rubles

Air sterilizer

Xiaomi compact odor neutralizer and air purifier for the room where the pet's toilet is located. There are no filters in it, the device produces ozone and oxygen.

Buy for 1423 rubles

The material was prepared in the framework of the partner program AliExpress. Here we have collected the best sports accessories for the iPhone and other Apple gadgets.

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