Apple asks to reduce tariffs on the import of its components from China to the USA

After transferring parts of production to China, Apple asks the US government to reduce the 25 percent tariff on importing components of the new Mac Pro and various accessories, such as Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad, reports Bloomberg.

According to the documents, the US administration promises to reduce import tariffs if companies can prove that components or devices can only be manufactured in China. Apple relies on this in all of its requests.

The new Mac Pro will be producing the Quanta Computer plant in China. The previous generation Mac Pro 2013 was built in Texas – it was the only Apple hardware product available in the United States.

25 percent tariffs on imports from China will affect the cost of Apple products. The company warns the US government that it will threaten Apple’s global competitiveness and, as a result, will reduce the company's contribution to the country's economy.

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