Apple plans to equip the Apple Watch 2017 display micro-LED ultra-low power consumption

Apple plans to abandon OLED technology in the Apple Watch 3. It is reported by DigiTimes, citing its own sources. In the third generation of smart watch screens, organic LEDs will be replaced with the display micro-LED with extremely low power consumption.

In 2014, Apple bought LuxVue company, which was engaged in the development of unique screens. In particular, she specialized in the technology of energy efficient display panels based on micro-LED. It is expected that in the future they will replace LCD and OLED. To date, the production of large displays based on micro-LED is a difficult task. Because of the high cost of technology micro-LED – and OLED Apple still equips all their devices except the Apple Watch LCD displays.

According to the publication, Apple plans to create their own displays, micro-LED, to reduce the cost of their production and start to be less dependent on their partners. Now all “Apple” devices of the display panel, release the production company’s partners, among which are competitors, including Samsung.

It is noted that Apple’s plans may be implemented, but only next year. In the Apple Watch 2, which will be presented along with the iPhone 7 in the autumn of this year, will use OLED display. Among the expected improvements of the new items, you can highlight a faster processor and support cellular networks.

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