Apple shouldn’t have left the market Wi-Fi equipment

In 2018 Apple stopped producing wireless routers, but the company should return to the market of network equipment.

Starting with the first product model Airport latest AirPort Extreme, the company was selling Wi-Fi routers premium class at the time, as most people prefer cheaper solutions.

Because users recently use multiple devices that require connection to your home network, they realized that having a high quality router is not a luxury but an investment in infrastructure. If a person is actively using gadgets for smart home, multiple iOS devices, Apple TV and other devices, they need one of the expensive routers, such as the Aiport. Unfortunately, Apple abandoned the idea of the development of accessories for the home network at the most inopportune moment.

The company was ahead of its time, selling routers for $ 199. They were upscale, easy to operate and worked well. Products from other manufacturers network equipment is too complex, in comparison with the Airport and can’t always cope with the load on the network.

Since Apple began to move away from the business of home routers, users began to buy more expensive routers from other companies. Decisions such as Eero, Google and Wi-Fi AmpliFi, showed that people are willing to invest in your home Wi-Fi.

Perhaps the Corporation from Cupertino should reconsider his March to the wireless equipment, because it can integrate several innovations in their products.

HomeKit Gateway

In 2019, the Apple can re-enter the market of home networks. The company could produce a system of routers that works well with HomeKit and other Apple products.

iCloud VPN

Despite the difficulties in the implementation of quality VPN connection in a public Wi-Fi networks, this feature can be implemented on Apple devices.

The company can develop a system VPNs for added security of user devices. For example, login to iCloud can be configured to automatically make a VPN connection to the user’s home network when it is in a cafe.

Siri and HomePod

As Apple continues to seek ways to promote HomePod, integration with Wi-Fi network makes a lot of sense in the development of the product. So parents will be able to talk to Siri with a request to disable the Internet on devices of their children at night or to manage “screen time.” The company will be able to offer a variety of connectivity options home Siri with a Wi-Fi network. Another option is to enable HomePod to act as repeaters the network to create a home Wi-Fi system.

The Magnetism Of Apple

Apple has a very strong magnetism of the brand. There are a large number of users who want to use Apple for everything — from smartphones and computers to smart home devices. And as people continue to add devices to their network, the company behind a router, plays a very important role.

At the time of this writing, my network was 24 devices (Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro and various devices for the smart home). If Apple wants to continue developing HomeKit, she needs to create a competitor to Google Wi-Fi and Eero. There are no reasons why a Corporation may not issue a great router at a price similar to Eero — $ 200. They should not be the cheapest on the market, but they have to be the best. When Wi-Fi is slow or unreliable, each network user has a seamless experience. Despite the fact that the market has a good solution, I believe that Apple could release a new generation of Wi-Fi routers in the near future.

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