Apple will transfer the features of some applications from iOS to macOS

Developer Steve Trouton-Smith discovered in the code of the recently announced macOS Catalina new versions of the Messages and Siri Commands applications, in which some functions were ported from versions for iOS.

Trouton-Smith also stressed that the interface of future applications is similar to that currently used in macOS Mojave, but for some functions (such as iMessage effects), it will use the Project Catalyst framework.

Project Catalyst, which was presented at the WWDC 2019 developer conference, was developed by Apple since last year, codenamed Marzipan. This tool allows developers to port applications from iOS to macOS, marking only one item when compiling a file in Xcode. Apple has already ported some applications (News, Home, Shares, Voice Recorder) from mobile to desktop.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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