Best app for professional retouching selfie Facetune 2 was free [video]

An Israeli company-the developer Lightricks made a free app to retouch a selfie FaceTune 2. With this program, you can handle a selfie-a picture with just a few taps on the screen. For this you need to take a photo or choose a picture and after a few seconds you will see the transformed photos without red-eye, pimples on the face, greasy skin and yellow teeth.

The application has a preview option that allows you to check how natural look the effects, such as “teeth whitening” and “of the skin” before the picture was taken. Facial features can also be changed in advance, looking into the front camera of the smartphone.

The program is able to automatically identify the parts of the face by machine learning. From the available free features is the “glow” that adds a glare in the photo, the “form” that allows you to adjust facial features, “auto”, “B/B”.

In FaceTune 2 offers in-app purchases. Additional features are available as single one-time payment and subscription. A year will have to pay 649 $ six months ā€” 449 rubles, and for 1 month ā€” 129 rubles.

The amount of 649 rubles seems huge, given the fact that the app itself is free, and the user will only get a few new options for the wording of the photo, but the company reported that this model better than the original, when users buy the app. It is worth noting that the first version of FaceTune costs 459 rubles.

Download Facetune 2 for iPhone and iPad at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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