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9TO5Mac suggested the concept to upgrade the application “Photo” for iOS. The basis of design ideas idea, on that, in addition to photos of an important moment in history, which are associated with this image. If you put together the important parts — get reinterpreted the app to view the memories.

You are asked questions by flipping through a collection of old pictures: “Why am I wearing a winter jacket in may?” “What song is played during the trip?” “Why we were so early in the morning in the city centre?” For when our memory misfires, must come to the aid of technology. Modern iPhone to store huge amount of data, which are relevant to our lives. If you combine with artificial intelligence best iPhone camera and save the user information, it is possible to significantly improve the photos app, that will combine pictures and moments of our life in vivid stories.

On this day

The main task of the function “this day” is simple: add a context the content of each snapshot. The Photos app handles this task in an elementary format, providing access to the metadata of the image. Time and place is displayed in the navigation pane while viewing the photos. The concept offers a swipe up on the image to display the associated photo memories.

Based on geotag and time stamp to pictures may pull data about the weather conditions. “Just 5 degrees in may? So that’s why I’m in a winter jacket!”

Geotagged can be a great source of information. Using geotag can pull up card descriptions of attractions from Wikipedia that are in the frame. In addition to information about the objects, the Photos app can determine how much you have made pictures during a recent visit.

With the help of iCloud services, Apple Music, Apple News and iTunes concept offers to get photo information about what is happening in the world at the time of shooting. In a simpler version to the images can be added calendar events on this day.

If you dig deeper, Apple Music can determine the most listened songs of the month that are associated with photos and based on them to create a personalized playlist.

All video footage is also assigned a geographical label. Videos created with iMovie can contain multiple clips, and geotagging from different places. Based on these data, gallery iPhone can create a dynamic display of changing places on the map depending on what happens in the video.

Improved memories

Starting with iOS 10 in the Photos app now has a “Memories”, which brings together related photos and videos into a short film with background music. Apple can significantly modify this function to your application is able to “tell a more detailed story.”

If you use functions from the past such as Apple, iCloud Photo Journals, Trailers iMovie and iPhoto Slideshows, the “Memories” would be able to insert animated elements in a clip of photo and video. Weather data, dynamic displacement on the and Apple maps Flyover feature could embellish the story.

In addition to these tools, it would be interesting to see the integration of the function “Activity” Apple Watch “Memories”.

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