Consumers love Apple products

Despite the obvious skepticism of investors of Apple Inc., dissatisfied with the sales figures, the company’s customers have a different opinion. As of January 2017, Apple remains the most respected player in the technology market. To such conclusion analysts of the Agency Brand Keys, examining the overall level of consumer loyalty to “fruit” brand.

The participants of the experiment conducted by Brand Keys, were about 50 000 consumers aged 16 to 65 years. Most of them agreed that the manufacturer of the best smartphones, tablets, and notebooks remains Apple, which also topped the rating of the companies-owners of music services streaming.

It is important to note that the present study is based solely on customer satisfaction the “Apple” technique, without taking into consideration the results of sales. According to Robert Passikoff, the leading analyst of Brand Keys, a method of analysis of the most significant, because it is not based on the bare statistics, and reviews real owners.

Interesting to know, whether there are among our readers those who are completely dissatisfied with their iPhone, iPad or MacBook? Write your answers in the comments.

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