Duplex Google will alert users that they are talking to a robot

At Google I/O in 2018, the company said that the voice assistant will be able to call the company and talk to the operators. Later, Google told the Verge that the assistant will be provided before the beginning of the conversation.

After the presentation of Google I/O, many users began to discuss Duplex ā€” new feature Assistant. In the example that was shown at the event, the Duplex independently found a Barber shop and wrote user for the required time. The administrator had no idea that she’s not talking to a human, but with artificial intelligence. On the Internet, many were enthusiastic about the development of Google, but some users felt that artificial intelligence must not impersonate a real person.

Google has listened to this opinion and reported by The Verge, before the beginning of the conversation Duplex notifies the user that he’s not talking to a person. It is not known how this will be implemented. Most likely, in the beginning of the conversation Duplex will be provided.

“We understand the importance of the discussion around Google Duplex. As we have said from the beginning, transparency of technology. The function is developed with a built-in mechanism demaskirovanie, so that the user can always correctly identify the system. What we showed at I/O, it was early in the demonstration, and we look forward to the reviews to account for all the wish in the development of the product”, ā€” said the representative of Google The Verge.

Google’s success has affected Duplex voice assistant Apple. After Google I/O appeared on the Internet a lot of criticism Siri because the company does not develop assistant. Let’s hope that at WWDC 2018 Apple will be able to surprise everyone.

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