Five reasons to buy iPhone 7 in 2019

Despite the fact that the iPhone 7 was submitted in 2016, many consumers prefer this model to the new Apple devices. Tell why this smartphone is worth to buy in 2019.

Tell why the iPhone 7 is still the best smartphone for your money in 2019.

Reason 1: iron

The device is equipped with an Apple Fusion A10 processor and 2 GB of RAM (Plus-version — 3 GB of RAM), so the smartphone copes with many daily tasks. Recently, one of the leading Russian technoblogical, Stas Vasiliev, compared iPhone X and iPhone 7 in the test for speed phone of three years ago weren’t too far behind in performance to the former flagship of Apple.

Another interesting point is that the iPad sixth generation is equipped with the same processor. Unlike smartphones, the company manufactures tablets with the expectation that the gadget will use at least 3 years. From all this we can conclude that the time Apple used the hardware iPad iPhone 7 in 2018, so this phone will be relevant until 2021.

Reason 2: Case

iPhone 7 is the latest generation of Apple’s smartphone in the aluminum case. Despite the lack of wireless charging, this solution has its advantages. Metal will survive any fall, even without a case and not will crack at the first meeting with pavement, but with “glass” models is not rolling. The device is available in six colors, this range is from “seven” more discreet than the iPhone XR.

Reason 3: the “Home” Button and Touch ID

Since the “Home” button in the first iPhone, Apple has managed to make it perfect only to the release of the iPhone 7, when, instead of the mechanical version has a touchscreen with tactile feedback “Haptic feedback”. In other words, the button is not broken.

Touch ID sometimes it is more convenient to use than the Face ID. For example, if the smartphone is on the bedside table, and you need to put the alarm in the case of Face ID have to pick up the phone and directed to the face at a certain angle to unlock and fingerprint scanner you can do it much easier.

Reason 4: Maintainability

The most expensive cost of replacing the display — about 6 000 rubles, which seems a ridiculous amount compared to the iPhone repair X, XR and XS. Parts of it are available even in any small town, and, if necessary, repair the “seven” problems will not arise.

Reason 5: Cost

This is the best gadget for your money. At a cost of 35,000 rubles you get a current smartphone in the aluminum casing with high performance and “incessant” button “Home”. Given that the model 2018 is almost 1.5 times more expensive, the iPhone 7 — perfect with the stock for several years.

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