French inventor flew half the English Channel on a jet hoverboard

French inventor Frankie Zapata failed to cross the English Channel on the hoverboard he created with five jet engines. He fell into the water half way, trying to dock with the boat accompanying him for refueling. Zapata himself was not injured.

Zapa flew to the hoverboard from the French city of Calais and planned to reach the UK in 20 minutes. He managed to overcome more than 20 km. Before the fall, the Zapata hoverboard reached a speed of 140 km / h and flew at a height of 15-20 meters above the water.

The inventor timed his attempt to the 110th anniversary of the flight over La Mansh Louis Breleau. The inventor team expressed their disappointment – they have trained refueling many times.

About the reactive board it became known during the Paris parade on the occasion of the Bastille Day, in which Zapata participated. There he announced his plans to cross the strait.

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