Hackers can determine the phone number by AirDrop

A group of hexway hackers was able to get an iPhone phone number via Bluetooth. They claim that they wanted to check the slogan “What is happening on the iPhone, remains on the iPhone,” which Apple uses to advertise the security of its devices.

They managed to intercept the data packets transmitted by the devices when Bluetooth is turned on. Then they studied what data they contained.

According to hackers, AirDrop sends encrypted packets with a phone number so that the receiving device finds it in the contact list.

Anyone who has a script can take advantage of the vulnerability to collect the numbers of all people who use the Share feature in iOS in a public place.

Similarly, you can get encrypted Apple ID, mail and phone number. To do this, you need to intercept the package when the user launches the "Share Wi-Fi password" function, hackers say.

Determining the iPhone's phone number through AirDrop is not a vulnerability, but a consequence of the functions that ensure the functioning of the Apple ecosystem, say hexway. The methods described work in iOS 10.3.1 and higher, including the beta versions of iOS 13.

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