“VKontakte” is testing the app for direct video streaming, VK Live

“VKontakte” is testing a new app for the online broadcast VK Live. This was at the opening of the “V Neforum” in Kazan, said the head of the press service of the social network Yevhen Krasnikov.

The user can access features such as group streaming, instant reactions about the video, sending invitations to friends to view, map live broadcasts. Thus VK Live is designed to compete with other service direct video broadcast ā€“ Periscope.

According to Krasnikov, app VK Live has already been used to conduct some of the broadcasts that were shown on the social network. “VKontakte” is testing the app since late April.

“We had already a lot of translations, some of them pulling to get into the Guinness Book of records, for example, a stream of Egor Creed. It was held in the Moscow underground. Egor drove one lap on the ring,” said Krasnikov. He joked that the singer “clocked” nearly 400 000 views.

Currently, the app is Live VK inaccessible to ordinary users, however, the video can request to receive a test version to developers by writing an email to [email protected]

Krasnikov noted that a year of “Vkontakte” there is the possibility of monetization of the video. “You just apply to a support group, we recognize you the other day, take your videos, add there video ads and are happy to share with you the revenue from this advertising,” he explained.

As told the representative of “Vkontakte”, in the future, social networks will be a function of video recommendations. “They are based on the interests of users currently watching the video. It is analyzed, and will be offered the following entries so that users are not left out of the social network,” ā€” said Krasnikov.

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