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Hackers can determine the phone number by AirDrop

A group of hexway hackers was able to get an iPhone phone number via Bluetooth. They claim that they wanted to check the slogan “What is happening on the iPhone, remains on the iPhone,” which Apple uses to advertise the security of its devices.

They managed to intercept the data packets transmitted by the devices when Bluetooth is turned on. Then they studied what data they contained.

According to hackers, AirDrop sends encrypted packets with a phone number so that the receiving device finds it in the contact list.

Anyone who has a script can take advantage of the vulnerability to collect the numbers of all people who use the Share feature in iOS in a public place.

Similarly, you can get encrypted Apple ID, mail and phone number. To do this, you need to intercept the package when the …


Microsoft will allow to enter Windows 10 without a password

Microsoft is testing the login function without a password in the 18936 update of the Windows 10 20P1 test build. While it is available only parts of testers in the Fast Ring. The user can, in the “Accounts> Login Settings” section, switch the user authentication to Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint, or PIN.

All passwords hidden for Microsoft

The company is gradually moving away from using passwords. The Microsoft blog says that “passwords are not interesting to anyone except hackers.”

Among other interesting updates is a tool for quickly creating events from the "Taskbar". You can set a task for any day of the calendar in the pop-up tab by adding time and location.

In addition, Microsoft added a feature to share the phone screen on a computer in Surface Laptop, Surface Laptop 2, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 5, Surface Pro 6, Surface Pro 6, …


The hackers posted a database of 773 millions of e-mail addresses and 22 million passwords

More 87 gigabytes of passwords and addresses was leaked. The data collected in the folder “Collection # 1” and uploaded it to a cloud service MEGA and “popular hacking forum”.

Hackers have built a formidable database of nearly 773 million e-mail addresses and 22 million unique passwords. This was told by Troy hunt, a specialist in the field of computer security. For the first time the Internet got 140 million addresses and 10 million passwords, other data were previously published. …


Apple criticizes competitors for the disregard for the safety of users, and I remember her naked celebrities

To hint at what the competitors disregard the privacy of users — a risky advertising move, he told reporters CNBC. They remembered the cupertinos scandal with leaked personal photos 2014.

This week cupertinos once again reminded users — the business of Apple is built on the basis of privacy and security. This is a very risky position, given the difficult situation with privacy all over the world (especially China), as well as the dangers faced by cloud backup service, consider …


Criminals use Apple AirPods to eavesdrop on the conversations of users

The journalists of the Daily Mail UK revealed a method that allows attackers to eavesdrop on others ‘ conversations through Apple AirPods. The main tool Scam has become a function of “Live Listen”, designed for users with hearing problems.

According to the British journalists, the “Live Listen”, designed for those users AirPods are experiencing hearing problems, is successfully used by hackers for eavesdropping other people’s conversations. This option was introduced in iOS 12. It …


For the full iPhone known “broker of vulnerability” is willing to pay $2 000 000

The company Zerodium, which is called one of the most famous brokers of vulnerabilities announced an increase in payments for tools to hack iMessage and compromise all the iPhone.

Zerodium increased amount of remuneration for the next zero-day vulnerability:

  • $2 million (instead of $1.5 million) for remote iOS that allows you to compromise the system without user intervention.
  • $1.5 million (instead of $1 million) for a remote jailbreak, requiring minimal user

Do you trust all the apps that are downloading on your iPhone?

Experts in the field of cybersecurity has found more than a dozen apps for iPhone, secretly interacting with a server associated with Golduck. This malware at the time caused a lot of problems for Android users. Infecting the popular classic gaming applications, Golduck allows attackers to execute arbitrary commands and send SMS from the victim’s phone. About it reports TechCrunch, citing studies Wandera.

The program Golduck is known for more than a year, since, as was first …


What is Denuvo and why gamers hate it

Denuvo is a kind of “digital restrictions management” or “DRM”, if abbreviated, which means technical means of copyright protection. Technology Denuvo frustrating gamers for many years, and it looks like there’s a good reason.

What is Denuvo

First and foremost, the decision Denuvo is provided for game developers. They can license this technology to integrate it in their computer games. After the integration of the means for copyright protection provides anti-piracy technology prevents …


The best units in 2018, from smartphones to headphones

Wired magazine put together a list of the best devices in 2018. Given an adapted version of the collection.

Best mobile device — iPhone XR

This iPhone, which is not the best camera and screen. But he has a better autonomy and value for money with a number of useful features.

The smartphone offers a more affordable ticket to the future of personal electronics. And manages to catch up with the best smartphones for $ 1,000 at a price of only $ 750.

Best audio


Facebook: Zuckerberg no one was forbidden to use the iPhone, it just hurt to cook

The press service of Facebook has put forward a refutation of the article by the New York Times, which claimed that CEO mark Zuckerberg ordered the company management to use only Android smart phone

Some people suggest that Zuckerberg has taken this step because of the feud with Apple CEO Tim cook. Earlier we talked about the offense of the founder of Facebook’s criticism of cook.

Today, 15 November, the press service of Facebook in his statement began to deny many of the claims of the …