Google released a new app PhotoScan – scanner “future” for iPhone

Google released a new app for iOS which, according to developers who can breathe life into old photos. A program called PhotoScan allows you to scan printed photos using the phone’s camera and then save them.

The development of a utility engaged in team Google Photo. Thanks to PhotoScan users not just the photograph, and create superior digital copy. Special algorithms ensure elimination of glare, and cropping images is performed in the automatic mode based on the recognition of the corners.

As a result of scanning of the pictures are copies of the correct rectangular shape with a fixed perspective. Frames always turned right, regardless of the position scanned photos.

“Bring old photos a new life: use them to create movies, apply filters to them and other effective means of treatment. To share the scanned photo, enough to send link”, – say the developers.

The developers have achieved a high speed of scanning images, making the processing takes the least time. Another feature of PhotoScan is the possibility of free storage of photos on the Google Photo searchable.

Backup scanned photos can be saved with Google Photos. They get in the cloud are organized and made available for search.

Download PhotoScan for iOS for free via this link.

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