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The phrase “future of cars” at the most for some reason causing persistent Association with the film by Robert Zemeckis “Back to the future-2” and his demonstration of flying machines. Unfortunately, this technique is not yet reached, but the revolution in the industry still going on. And produce it needs, ironically, Apple with the release of autopiloting electric vehicle.

According to the expert of social service Quora Mike Barnard, futurism in the development of cars is not anything extraordinary. Thus, it is expected that soon all internal combustion engines will sink into Oblivion, and they will be replaced by capacious battery. Such variant of development seems to many the most relevant and advantageous for a number of reasons.

For example, electricity is the resource a much cheaper and, fortunately, is inexhaustible. Moreover, the “green” policy of most manufacturers is reduced to a desire to reduce the harm of emissions, and switching to electric motors would solve this problem. Remarkably, the potential of these engines is extremely high. On video below in all its glory electric Ford Mustang 1968. Just look at this power:

CEO of automaker Aston Martin Andy Palmer also believes that fuel cells are now obsolete:

“The whole automotive industry will inevitably shift towards the development of electric motors, because that’s the only way to meet the expectations of drivers.”

It would seem, at what here Apple or, say, Google with their carts if there are Tesla Motors? But free competition is exactly what makes innovation born. To achieve success in this field “fruit” of the Corporation will help several significant factors.

In particular, in order to ensure easy and effective start, Apple needs to be involved in the development of the project huge human resources. As we know, there are currently more than 600 specialists are working on the Apple Car. Among them are former employees of Tesla, Ford, Chrysler, as well as masters in the field of autopilots from Carnegie Mellon University.

In addition, Apple is a kind of advantage of the lack of experience in the production of automobiles. The company has a unique chance to avoid shifting priorities with the development of internal combustion engines to electric. No hybrids, no petrol motors. Only energy-intensive battery and fast charging. Tesla engineers at the time recognized that to invent an electric car from scratch was much easier and more profitable from a material point of view, than to create it based on the car. In addition, experience in software development will help Apple to control and streamline all technology is “good”.

Fundamental change is unlikely to happen in the next couple of years. According to the analytical research Agency Jefferies&Co, “Apple” the electric car will come only in 2019. But we can already predict the approximate development vector of the automotive industry. Most likely, history will repeat again. Apple Car – like iPhone – car manufacturers will be cast out as a product of a failed and hopeless. But it will give them a collapse.

The failure of automakers from following a new path of development that is associated with a reluctance to lose profits, fail a priori. Bet on internal combustion engines and hybrid mediated modification will lead to a crisis in the economy and stagnation in the industry. So, an uncompromising attitude to innovation and the apparent firmness of the positions already cost the lives of Finnish Nokia. But from the confidence that the same will not happen with the car industry? Perhaps, this guarantee simply no. While Tesla continues to set worldwide free charging stations to power the cars, only BMW is planning to 2025 to produce the first fuel-free development. The countdown has already begun. Apple, your move.

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