How to increase productivity using your iPhone. 3 key hack

Successful work on the iPhone is not an invention of Apple commercials. Explain how to achieve this in three simple steps.

About the iPhone, there are two opposing views. First of all, what is a terrible time eater. The second is that the smartphone allows you to raise productivity to the skies. However, as usual, somewhere between these extremes. iPhone is really possible to make the ultimate gadget for the job. But have to work hard.

Understand distractions

Okay, I know that the answer is ready. To blame the social network. But while the problem remains abstract, unfortunately, will be no solution. It’s time to take into account the time seriously.

First you need to install the tracker Moment. The program is designed for those who want to get rid of the digital addiction (or at least its most advanced forms). Just specify — unlock all features, like advanced statistics, cost $3. This is a one-time purchase, no subscriptions.

Then, you set a daily limit for using your smartphone. Do not be naive, put with the stock at least more 2 hours per day. Every 15 minutes in front of the smartphone you will receive a notification about the expiry of the duration or the limit is exceeded.

In addition to this Moment to remind myself twice a week. The first time, requesting data on the use of the battery, and the second time — sending a weekly report with statistics of use. Often the results are disappointing: you may find that the iPhone takes 1-1,5 days a week. The main thing — to draw attention to key sources of procrastination. Which apps are the most voracious?

Yes, the answer is probably not going to change — the whole really blame the social network. But when you find out which ones are harmful to the working of the rhythm and how many take the time to act is easier. In my case, it was enough to remove Instagram and stats greatly improved.

Find the necessary software

Of course, it is impossible to take into account the specifics of each profession and tasks. Therefore, a universal Council, which will decide everything, too, will not. But we can agree on some starting points.

All make notes and use the task managers. At least, it never hurt anyone. Notes allow you not to lose sight of important details, and thanks to rationally evaluate it, not wasting time in vain.

Go over the categories.

Best task managers

Todoist is cross-platform application for subscription. Without fashionable design, but with attractive features: advanced natural input recognition, the convenient tree structure of projects, opportunities to work together.

In addition, Todoist is able to consider the karma, watching the pace of the tasks. There is even artificial intelligence: task-Manager is able to automatically suggest the auspicious date of the tasks.

Download in App Store

Things — program running in the Apple ecosystem: iOS, watch OS, and macOS. No subscriptions no pay to customers need separately. The third version is incredibly beautiful and minimalistic design, deep system integration (including support for Apple’s Siri) and a host of attractive details.

For example, the convenient option of forming the daily schedule: single unit formed problem “in the evening”, without a specific deadline. Although Things does not support the recognition of natural input, the mobile app has another feature: the “magic” Plus button, using which you can easily add as a separate task, and the whole region and projects.

Download in App Store

Reminders — some things come for free. Reminders — a standard, pre-installed on all iPhone, iPad and Mac app. At first glance, it is too easy to meet someone’s needs. In fact, the program may be useful. Just remember about its features: tasks can be assigned a date and run time, priority, add notes.

In addition, there are reminders on the location: then notification will appear when you visit (or leave) a defined area on the map. Finally, on the side of “Reminders” — speed, providing native support for Siri and reliable synchronization between devices.

Best gametocyte

Bear — a subscription service, the free version is limited to sync between devices and export settings. The app impresses with concise interface and easy system of organization of content. Notes grouped by tags that support multiple levels of nesting.

And to remember them is not necessary — the system works completion. Bear also has a web clipper to save articles from a browser. There are other nice things: the linking between texts, advanced filters to search (you can search for notes, appointment, notes, tasks with or without tags), different export formats (from HTML to JPG and ePub).

Download in App Store

Evernote is one of the oldest and still coolest zametnyh services. Evernote allows you to create themed notebooks, to unite them into collections, tag and location. Within the notes is also freedom: there are advanced formatting-support for tables, inserting Google documents, and edit PDF.

From notes you can also make reminders show them in the form of presentations or attach hand-drawn sketches. Mobile version also allows you to efficiently scan documents and business cards. The web clipper with different settings for saving text is another strong point of Evernote. With careful use Evernote becomes an indispensable knowledge base that helps organize workflow and the activities.

Download in App Store

Notes — Yes, another standard application. To do with him to be careful: when a sleazy approach, “Notes” turn into a real dump from the draft text. It is important to remember that the program knows how much: notes can be divided by folders, fasten, inside add checklists, tables, and format text.

In addition, it is a convenient way to store important data is to protect your record by password or Touch ID/Face ID. Of the fresh features is the support for collaboration and document scanning. Importantly, all this is available for free and works on all modern iPhone. At the same time, speed and search “take Notes” is also impeccable and it’s a big plus.

Form a working routine

Even removing from phone all clients social networks and punctuated it with useful software, you can still use your iPhone as a time-killer. This usually happens not because of the desire to procrastinate — people just don’t know what and in what sequence to perform.

If you have realized that part of the work can be done on iPhone that detail the process. Write a small manual that will help you to organize everything in my head.

For example, I need to write a text — you know that, until its registration on the website, can handle the iPhone. The statement looks like this:

  • To put the problem in Things and split up into paragraphs. Choose an area, priority, execution date. To configure notifications.
  • To collect information in Evernote, to structure them in a separate notebook.
  • Write the first draft to Bear, to assign the correct tags.
  • To move the draft to the editor of Ulysses, edited, and processed. To export in HTML format.
  • For other occupations and tasks, the sequence will be different. Someone will manage the planning stage and will take serious work on the desktop. Someone, on the contrary, able to integrate a full production cycle and work exclusively on a smartphone. The main thing to fix is in the personal allowance, not relying on his own memory. The rest will come with experience — the more you abide by the actions, the easier and faster they will run.

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