How to view multiple sites on iPhone

One of the proprietary chips Android that iOS users have long wanted to see on mobile devices is the ability to split screen. Despite the fact that iOS has no such mode, you can enable third-party browser.

Safari does not support split screen, so to see multiple pages, you must download the free browser Split Web Browser. By default, the application is divided into two screens, but this can be changed in the settings (to do this open “Settings” → Split).

The app works in any orientation. At each window there is a search bar, a button for adding bookmarks and a button that turns the website in full screen. She returns the website in your window from full screen mode.

In the settings of the Split Web Browser, you can enable private mode, to change the search engine, configure the number of Windows and activate the display of pages for desktop browser.

Does it make sense to split the application on many Windows, everyone decides for himself. The experience of usage I can say that the two Windows is enough for a 5.5-inch screen. In this case, the sites are easy to see. If you add more Windows, then the content will be uncomfortable to interact with.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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