Ilon Musk will cross a man with a computer

The Twitter account of the startup Neuralink (owned by Ilon Mask) has the first record of plans to hold a conference in San Francisco on July 16. The company is developing an "ultra-high-bandwidth brain-computer interface for connecting people and computers."

This will be a closed event, the company limits the number of participants. Candidates are selected by answering eight questions, enclosing a link to a LinkedIn profile and explaining why they should be present. However, Neuralink will broadcast online.

Neuralink was registered in 2019 as a medical research firm in California. Musk regularly talks about the need to create a neural interface to stop the development of super-intelligent AI systems. According to him, so that artificial intelligence does not seize power, people will have to merge with it.

There is research data in rodents, which is conducted by a startup team from June 2017 on the campus of the University of California, Davis. In April 2019, a scientific paper was published on the introduction of probes into the brain. The technology is similar to the work of a sewing machine: laboratory rat installed flexible polymer electrodes using a needle.

The author of the publication WaitButWhy Tim Urban is practically the only one who wrote about Neuralink. He notes that in 2021, a startup plans to launch a product that will help people with some serious head injuries (stroke, cancer, congenital malformations).

In May, it turned out that Neuralink was able to attract $ 39 million investment.

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