HTC fights for survival

HTC’s share of the global smartphone market fell from 10.7% in 2011 to 0.05% in 2019. It looks like the company has reached the bottom. But in June, its sales for the first time in a long time showed an increase compared with the previous month. And almost doubled: HTC’s revenue in June was $ 44 million (the best figure for seven months), in May it was only $ 24.16 million.

The main driver of HTC sales is the U19e smartphone on the Snapdragon 710. It is in demand, despite the relatively high price (about $ 480). In the near future, the company will release a more affordable device – HTC Desire 19+.

In 2008, it was HTC that released the world's first smartphone on Android. While the operating system from Google was gaining momentum, the Taiwanese company was among the flagships. She lost ground when Android became interested in giants like Samsung. Two years ago, 2,000 key employees of the company went to work at Google, where they are involved in the Pixel project.

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Clifton Nichols

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