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HTC fights for survival

HTC’s share of the global smartphone market fell from 10.7% in 2011 to 0.05% in 2019. It looks like the company has reached the bottom. But in June, its sales for the first time in a long time showed an increase compared with the previous month. And almost doubled: HTC’s revenue in June was $ 44 million (the best figure for seven months), in May it was only $ 24.16 million.

The main driver of HTC sales is the U19e smartphone on the Snapdragon 710. It is in demand, despite the relatively high price (about $ 480). In the near future, the company will release a more affordable device – HTC Desire 19+.

In 2008, it was HTC that released the world's first smartphone on Android. While the operating system from Google was gaining momentum, the Taiwanese company was among …


HTC has big plans for 2019

HTC was the first manufacturer of Android devices and has remained one of the market leaders for many years, but lately the Affairs of the company are frankly bad. Now HTC is preparing for a massive “reset”.

After a long series of unprofitable quarters President of HTC Darren Chen promised improvements in 2019. The company is committed to a “reset” of sales, focusing on the phones high and middle class.

Chen mentioned that the smartphone U12+ sold better than expected, and HTC hopes …


“Yandex.Phone” may be the most important premiere of this year

“Yandex” has sent out an invitation to the presentation of a new device. According to this invitation, the company decided to introduce a smartphone, rumors of which appeared in the summer of this year. I hope so, because I’m really looking forward to this smartphone. Why? Let me explain.

In the smartphone market mainly compete with American, Chinese and Korean companies. Sony and HTC can be buried, and canadian BlackBerry and Nokia have Chinese. The theme of the Russian smartphone …


The very first Android smartphone was 10 years old

Exactly ten years ago appeared on the market the first smartphone running the Android OS. In honor of the anniversary, our editors decided to recall what was the very first Android gadget.

At the time, the operating system has not even been given a name, however, has not prevented to provide multi-tasking between apps and handling content sharing programs.

In the fall of 2008, the American operator T-Mobile released the HTC Dream, calling it the T-Mobile G1. It was presented …


HTC started to sell crypto-smartphone Exodus 1 bitcoin

Today, 23 October, HTC announced its first crypto-smartphone – Exodus 1, and opened pre-orders for the gadget. The uniqueness of the phone is the wallet for cryptocurrency and token, which is stored in the area “protected from the Android OS”.

About the device started talking in may of this year, as one of the most interesting projects of the company. At that time, the project Manager Phil Chen said that every phone Exodus will act as the switching node, which will facilitate the …


HTC will release a blockchain-mobile Exodus 22 Oct

New HTC smartphone – Exodus – could become one of the most interesting gadgets in 2018. In addition, the device is very mysterious, since journalists about him almost nothing is known.

HTC has published in his Instagram profile, the news that Exodus will be submitted this month. In the message there is a short video that tseric name – Exodus (Exodus), and the date of the announcement of 22 October.

Earlier we told you about the interview with the project leader of the …


A fifth of owners of Android-devices is planning to switch to iPhone

Analyst Horace Dediu published the results of a study conducted by Merrill Lynch Global Research based on the survey, 32 523 users of smartphones from major manufacturers market at the moment.

Each vendor tends to result when users of its smartphones decide to change the legacy device on the phone of the same brand. Among iPhone owners, 70% of the fans of the brand, which is the best indicator. On the second and third place is Huawei and Samsung with 54% and 53%, respectively. …


New Apple smartphones are inferior in battery life from iPhone X

The portal Tom’s Guide did a detailed review of the performance of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, thanks to which became known the details of the Autonomous work device. During the presentation Apple said that the iPhone XS will last for 30 minutes Max and XS – 90 minutes longer than the iPhone X.

From a review Tom’s Guide, it became clear that the actual time of Autonomous work is not the same as the claimed. During testing on the iPhone XS and XS Max brightness of the display was set …


Best smartphone IFA 2018

Every year Berlin hosts the IFA, where manufacturers introduce smartphones. 2018 was paying attention to Sony, ZTE, LG, HTC and Huawei.

Earlier in IFA often introduced flagship smartphones, but in recent years the emphasis has shifted to phones of an average price category. Only a few bring to Berlin a top device

Sony Xperia XZ3

The main announcement at IFA 2018 was the flagship Sony Xperia XZ3. Unlike previous generations, this used body with rounded edges. Frame around the …


iPhone will lose the side buttons after Android

Many iPhone users have grieved the loss of the 3.5 mm connector. If they can postpone the disappearance of the side buttons, after all, according to the U.S. Patent office, Apple is working on a recognition feature compression.

The Corporation Tim cook has sent a patent application on sensors that determine the compression that can replace protruding buttons and face sensitive to touch.

Such a function can already boast of a Google Pixel 2 and HTC U11. Some users have …