“Yandex.Phone” may be the most important premiere of this year

“Yandex” has sent out an invitation to the presentation of a new device. According to this invitation, the company decided to introduce a smartphone, rumors of which appeared in the summer of this year. I hope so, because I’m really looking forward to this smartphone. Why? Let me explain.

In the smartphone market mainly compete with American, Chinese and Korean companies. Sony and HTC can be buried, and canadian BlackBerry and Nokia have Chinese. The theme of the Russian smartphone thumb about ten years. The most memorable attempt to create a Russian smartphone — YotaPhone — has failed miserably. A good idea is overshadowed by the high prices and terrible implementation.

“Yandex.Phone” has all chances to become the long-awaited Russian smartphone that will love many people in our country. Probably it will be sold only in Russia. Nevertheless, Russia will be included in the list of the countries that create the smartphones.

Features Of “Yandex.Phone” correspond to Android-based smartphone in the medium price range. According to rumors, it will have to 5.85-inch screen with Full HD resolution+. The performance will be meet 8-core processor (most likely mediocre Qualcomm or MediaTek), and 4GB of RAM. Users will be available with 64 GB of RAM. This volume has a lot to do. The smartphone will have NFC, and this is very important if we are talking about Russia, where almost everywhere there are terminals with contactless payment.

Now maybe this is what the home screen “Yandex.Phone”

For this set of characteristics “Yandex” can ask for 20-25 thousand rubles. Very attractive price tag, on the background of expensive flagships Apple and Samsung. I understand that “Yandex.The phone” will not be a competitor to the iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S9, but I’m happy that Yandex has decided not to release a very expensive smartphone.

It is believed that to achieve success, it is necessary to release an expensive device. Let it is expensive, but the company will be able to show what you are capable of and to realize all the ideas. Thus declared itself Apple and Tesla. This is a good move, but only if the country is solvent audience. The case is, unfortunately, not for Russia. We often buy expensive smartphones on credit, and for cash purchase cheaper smartphones 30 thousand rubles. In this situation, “Yandex” doing the right thing. Buying a smartphone should not lead a person to debt.

“Yandex” also plays into the hands of the fact that this brand is familiar to almost all Russians younger than 40 years. They don’t want their smartphone was in the hands of Putin or Medvedev — everyone knows about the “Yandex”.

But “Yandex.Telephone” can easily fail if not carried out two key points. First, he must have a good camera. It is clear that it will be worse than the same iPhone and Galaxy flagship, but it should be at least no worse than the competition. Secondly, despite the fact that “Yandex.Phone” will run on Android, the company is likely to establish its own shell. This is normal, importantly, no bugs.

And here can be felt the main problem — the “Yandex” has no experience in the development of smartphones. Well, if the start of sales of the device will not be a serious problem, but if they appear, it definitely will play against “Yandex”.

If I buy this phone? No, because to go from iOS to Android is not desirable. But if I used Android smartphones, I sure would have considered “Yandex.The phone” to buy, if it doesn’t have serious shortcomings.

20-25 thousand in the Russian shops selling Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi. Two of them spend a lifetime trying to copy the iPhone, so they even don’t look. But compare “Yandex.Phone” with some Samsung A-series would be interesting.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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