Caviar introduced Apple Watch with the “eggs” at the price of the apartment

Luxury Caviar company introduced the Apple Watch Series 4, which cost 2.9 million rubles. Available in a choice of three models of smart watches with precious stones, which resemble the red, white and black caviar.

The most expensive was the version of smart watches in white that the company is associating with white caviar varieties Almas. You can purchase it for 2.9 million rubles, in comparison, for the same cost you can buy a small one-room apartment in Moscow. As decoration Caviar used yellow gold and diamonds.

Not less entertaining and more affordable version of the Apple Watch Series 4 in black color. Here we have used the same kind of gold, but the white diamonds are changed to black, which allowed the company to reduce the cost of this device up to 2 million 740 thousand roubles.

The most affordable option was the “red caviar”. For the price of a decent Mercedes-Benz (2 million 490 thousand) users will receive smart watches with an easy and unobtrusive red tinge, which was achieved through the use of rubies in the design of the device.

All models of the Apple Watch Series 4 with gemstones can be purchased online on the official website of Caviar.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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