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Hi Digger! What happened to actualapple.com, explains the editor in chief

This is what happened: actualapple.com grand update! Even the name has changed.

Almost ten years ago, actualapple.com was created as a blog about Apple gadgets and services. In 2009, the iPhone was the most perfect, most beautiful, most desirable device, a symbol of progress. Apple was probably the most interesting company, Steve Jobs – the most influential visionary. Android has not been taken seriously. Facebook audience has not counted and 500 million people worldwide. Tesla has just released the first electric car. Yandex seriously dreamed of world expansion. Pavel Durov controlled VKontakte. He removed the wall only two years later. From 2019 this world seems so small!

Now progress is changing everything around with such an insane speed, so many people and organizations are involved in this, that only have time to document. This is what we will do. Russia, …


Yandex and Hyundai are testing Sonata unmanned

The Sonata 2020 model year is the first unmanned vehicle created in cooperation with Yandex and the automaker Hyundai. Companies have been working on a prototype since May 2019. The assembly took about a month.

The first unmanned Sonata passes tests at the test site and is preparing to enter the roads of Moscow. In “Yandex” noted, the system can be quickly installed on other cars. The company plans to work with other new Hyundai and Kia models.

Yandex wants to put more than 100 unmanned vehicles on the roads of Moscow by the end of 2019. The company has already prepared 50 drones based on the Toyota Prius.

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Traffic on iPad Pro — an unmanned taxi service from “Yandex” delighted at CES 2019

As you know, at CES 2019 were presented a variety of gadgets, accessories and technology from leading brands. However, the interest of journalists and bloggers called team of “Yandex”, which brought to Las Vegas unmanned taxi.

In spite of the abundance of technological innovations, the attention of Western media drew’s self-driving car “Yandex”, which traveled through the streets of Las Vegas. One of the most famous American bloggers Marques Brownlee even recorded a video about it. …


Telegram disappeared from the search results “Yandex”

Search engine “Yandex” has ceased to issue a formal reference to the Telegram messenger. It is reported by news Agency RIA Novosti.

According to the Agency, the official reference to the service of instant messaging of Telegram is missing from the search results “Yandex” in the night of 27 December 2018. Now the Russian search engine provides a link only tlgrm.ru — the unofficial domain of the service.

According to journalists, the link to the official platform, you can get …


What’s wrong with the podcasts in the “Yandex.Music”

Podcasts have become one of the main trends in Russia this year. “Yandex” has decided not to lag behind and launched its platform podcasts on the basis of “Yandex.Music.” That’s what happened.

The problems begin with the title. For some strange reason, the section of the podcast called “Remusica”. A very obscure name, which does not reflect the essence of this section. “Nemuseli” can be called anything other than the music itself. If “Yandex” called Podcasts and it would be a much …


In “Yandex.Music” appeared podcast section called “Remusica”

“Yandex” has expanded the functionality of its streaming — now in the “Music” you can listen to podcasts.

Section audioshow and lectures called “Remusica”. It is divided into thematic collections, written by the curators.

At the start he safecell popular Russian-language projects “Will be done!” the podcast “Lifehacker”, lectures of the educational portal Arzamas, show Newoчем and “Medusa”. In addition, the company has launched its own podcast, “Listen, Alice.” It will talk …


“Yandex” has shown the most bizarre search queries

The company “Yandex” has provided new generator of predictions, which consists of a user’s search query. Among them there are unusual and funny phrases.

According to representatives of “Yandex”, despite the fact that the company has many services, most studies are based on data from search engines. This time was no exception. Employees of the company has selected the funniest and queries made on their basis generator of predictions.

We pulled out of the drafts and notebooks favorite …


In “Yandex.Drive” appeared fare for lovers of the Christmas shopping

Representatives of the company “Yandex” announced the launch of the Christmas fare in car-share service “Yandex.Drive”. The event is held in conjunction with the hypermarket chain, IKEA.Thanks to the new tariff of car sharing users “Yandex.Drive” will be cheaper to get to IKEA hypermarkets. Now the service is available rent a car for five or seven hours. The cost of the trip is 1050 and 1250 rubles, respectively. In addition, “Yandex” has established a special parkovku for users of corporate …


What the Russians are buying in the New year: a rating of “Yandex.Market”

Analysts “Yandex” has published statistics on new year’s purchases of Russians in “Yandex.A market”. The most popular sporting goods and appliances.

According to analysts, users of “Yandex.Market” when choosing Christmas gifts showed the greatest interest in the category of sports goods. Thus, the demand for them increased by 19 percent in comparison with last year, most of the Russians bought skis and skates, as well as gyrometer. In second place in the ranking was appliances. Most …