Traffic on iPad Pro — an unmanned taxi service from “Yandex” delighted at CES 2019

As you know, at CES 2019 were presented a variety of gadgets, accessories and technology from leading brands. However, the interest of journalists and bloggers called team of “Yandex”, which brought to Las Vegas unmanned taxi.

In spite of the abundance of technological innovations, the attention of Western media drew’s self-driving car “Yandex”, which traveled through the streets of Las Vegas. One of the most famous American bloggers Marques Brownlee even recorded a video about it.

He shared his experiences and showed from the first person — what it feels like to ride in the back seat of a taxi without a driver.

In the Autonomous vehicle Toyota Prius was installed iPad Pro 2018 that clearly showed how the car analyzes the road in real time. Data provided by the system scans the track at a radius of 250 meters in all directions to determine road traffic signs, traffic lights, other cars and people on the roads.

Probably self-driving car “Yandex” for a reason used iPad Pro. Perhaps only the latest generation of Apple’s powerful enough to display information in real time. It was interesting to see something similar in Apple’s Project Titan, but the Corporation is not tisera future products at such exhibitions.

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