Apple and Samsung are developing transparent displays that support augmented reality

Since 2009, Apple and Samsung working on transparent display panels. Both companies have registered the appropriate patents.

9 years ago Apple patented a specialized screen that you can use when working with AR apps. In the same period, Samsung showed a prototype of transparent display at the technology fair CES.

In 2014, the Korean manufacturer of smartphones, filed another application in the patent office. It describes the gadget, which is a single transparent glass panel of the display.

In 2017, the game came back to Apple. The company showed the project of a smartphone with the cutout in the housing, which should be placed a transparent screen.


In March 2018 again Samsung has patented another gadget that consists of two parts. One of them is the screen, the second, apparently – the sort of case, which will be located all the components needed to run the device.

Based on this information, we can conclude that both corporations for a long time experimenting on new formats for smartphones. The reality can be very different. Smartphones with transparent displays are just reincarnated into glasses, and users will be able to dive into the world of augmented reality, not using smartphones in their classic sense. A growing number of patents says about the imminent release of similar devices on the consumer market.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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