What’s wrong with the podcasts in the “Yandex.Music”

Podcasts have become one of the main trends in Russia this year. “Yandex” has decided not to lag behind and launched its platform podcasts on the basis of “Yandex.Music.” That’s what happened.

The problems begin with the title. For some strange reason, the section of the podcast called “Remusica”. A very obscure name, which does not reflect the essence of this section. “Nemuseli” can be called anything other than the music itself. If “Yandex” called Podcasts and it would be a much better and clearer.

Although in some “Yandex” rights. Podcasts really have nothing to do with music, except the audio format. To podcast managers have their own requirements that “Yandex” was ignored. I make allowances for the fact that the section is in beta, but still some disadvantages worth mentioning. Neither in the application nor in web version there is no navigation by chapters, descriptions of podcasts and taikodom. These three things are the essential attributes of a podcast managers such as Apple’s Podcasts, Pocket Casts and Overcasts.

In General, this beta version is immediately noticeable. The service does not display all the releases, and available episodes are shown randomly.

Section with podcasts yet appears only in the web version. Mobile applications promise to add it later. In the database “Yandex.Music” so far very few podcasts. In the press release of “Yandex” stated that they will soon become the more there will be show in English, and while the authors are Russian-speaking podcasts are invited to send a request for moderation. Don’t know on what criteria is the selection, but one of the most popular podcasts in Russian BeardyCast not pass the test.

Player for podcasts too different from music, but to “Yandex” forgot about it. I do not require intelligent modes of cutting out the silence in Pocket Casts and Overcasts, but at least adjusting the playback speed you can add.

But the biggest and incomprehensible to me the problem is the availability of podcasts. In the web version they can listen for free, and in mobile applications only by subscription. On the page for authors says nothing about monetization, though podcasts are free product. In other words, “Yandex” offers to pay for something you can get legally for free.

In spite of all these disadvantages, it is necessary to praise “Yandex” because he wants to develop podcasts, albeit a disgusting way. Podcasts ā€” one of the most undervalued formats, about which little is known in Russia. And the fact that such large players, as “Yandex” and “Vkontakte” trying to promote it, can not but rejoice.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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