3 tools for working with photos, which use artificial intelligence

Users were more likely to use tools with artificial intelligence, often not even knowing about it. In this article, we have collected three online tools for working with images that use artificial intelligence and machine learning.


If you are ever faced with the need to remove the background on images — then you are not by hearsay known that this process can be long and tedious, even with the help of image editors like Photoshop. To remove the background by using a web service “Remove.bg” you will need to upload the image, then the artificial intelligence will analyze it and determine the people on it, and then separate the background and download the image object with a transparent background in PNG format.

“Remove.bg” — one of the first web services to remove background on the images, which uses artificial intelligence to these manipulations. The service allows you to upload a picture from your computer or the link. It is worth noting that the result is pretty accurate. “Remove.bg” knows how to separate background only images with people in the frame.


This online application allows you to use machine learning to create masterpieces of art from photos. This process takes three steps: it is necessary to load the image, apply style, such as favorite artist, and then wait until the algorithms “Deepart.io” will redraw the picture using the applied style. The masterpiece of the result to evaluate you, however, this is a fun opportunity to experiment on images.

The finished result


Another interesting service that uses neural networks and machine learning allows to improve the quality of the original image, zoom-in 4 times and add textures to increase realism. The finished result can be saved in JPEG or PNG. Unfortunately, the free account allows processing only five images, but this is enough to evaluate the service.

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