Sony revived the classic game “Lemmings” in the form of free-to-play puzzle for smartphones

Much time has passed since then, like push-button phones came out of the cult game “Lemmings”, but at the end of 2018 Sony and Sad Puppy decided to bring her back to life.

Sony and the developers of the Sad Puppy released the game “Lemmings” for Android and iOS, with the point of a remake has not changed. The interface has been adapted to control using gestures. All levels were designed taking into account the vertical display on smartphones and tablets. At first glance, it’s a little nostalgia for people who grew up with games Psygnosis, but with some modern aspects, such as “collection of tribes” and online tournaments.

The new “Lemmings” available for free in the App Store. To earn money on the game, the developers have filled it with ads and in-app purchases.

Gamers have a certain amount of “energy” which can be spent on the passage. To fill, you need to wait a few hours or spend real money. On the other hand, developers are offering to purchase unlimited energy for $ 7 (about 500 rubles).

Because of these limitations, free game “Lemmings” is more like a demo version and for full gameplay with no extra expectations will have to pay.

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Clifton Nichols

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