Hi Digger! What happened to actualapple.com, explains the editor in chief

This is what happened: actualapple.com grand update! Even the name has changed.

Almost ten years ago, actualapple.com was created as a blog about Apple gadgets and services. In 2009, the iPhone was the most perfect, most beautiful, most desirable device, a symbol of progress. Apple was probably the most interesting company, Steve Jobs – the most influential visionary. Android has not been taken seriously. Facebook audience has not counted and 500 million people worldwide. Tesla has just released the first electric car. Yandex seriously dreamed of world expansion. Pavel Durov controlled VKontakte. He removed the wall only two years later. From 2019 this world seems so small!

Now progress is changing everything around with such an insane speed, so many people and organizations are involved in this, that only have time to document. This is what we will do. Russia, fortunately, is technologically quite an advanced country. Of course, we will continue to write about the most successful IT-company in history. There will be no less materials about it (you can find them here). But there will be many other topics.

Here are the areas that we will explore: gadgets, services, social networks, VR and AR, artificial intelligence, robots, future medicine, smart cities and transport, Internet of things, space, games, geek culture.

Who are “we”? Digger makes a team of professional journalists who worked in Kommersant, RBC and The Secret of the Company.

The home page of the site that you see today reflects the coverage of topics and formats, but consider it as a prototype. We have big plans.

Wish us good luck and stay with us!

Oleg Khokhlov

Chief Editor

From left to right: Yegor Sonin (correspondent), Yekaterina Bukanova (photo editor), Anna Biryukova (editor-in-chief), Nikolai Kononov (creative director), Lidiya Fadeeva (general director), Oleg Khokhlov (chief editor), Vasily Murashev (project manager) , Vika Vasina (editor), Pasha Karasyov (editor)

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