Scientists have manufactured efficient flexible and expandable batteries

Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed flexible conductors for lithium-ion batteries. Their electrical conductivity is maintained at transverse or lateral stretching up to 300%. At the same time, battery wear after 1000 charges does not exceed 4%, writes NewScientist.

Similar results were achieved in two ways of placing the conductors. In the first case, negatively and positively charged nanoparticles have layers. In the second, elastic polymer tubes are filled with conductors. Each method has its pros and cons, so engineers will have to find a compromise in the manufacture: how much battery can be stretched and how much electricity it can miss.

Thanks to the development of flexible and foldable electronics, the demand for batteries for it is growing. The researchers suggest that their development can be used in wearable medical electronic devices, artificial muscles and neuroimplants.

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