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“Yandex.Phone” may be the most important premiere of this year

“Yandex” has sent out an invitation to the presentation of a new device. According to this invitation, the company decided to introduce a smartphone, rumors of which appeared in the summer of this year. I hope so, because I’m really looking forward to this smartphone. Why? Let me explain.

In the smartphone market mainly compete with American, Chinese and Korean companies. Sony and HTC can be buried, and canadian BlackBerry and Nokia have Chinese. The theme of the Russian smartphone …


When you create a new Microsoft smartphone is inspired by YotaPhone

Many companies are trying to create a foldable smartphone. Samsung, it seems, it is already happened. Microsoft has decided not to lag behind other manufacturers, and engaged in a race of unusual phones.

Microsoft has published pictures and information about the concept of Microsoft Lumia 640 with the additional screen-based electronic ink. The second display is designed to “improve performance and convenience.” He also serves as the back cover.

Unlike the main display, extra not got …


Presented YotaPhone 3

In Beijing took place the official presentation of the smartphone YotaPhone 3. This was reported on the website of the rostec.

YotaPhone 3 will be sold in modifications to the 64 and 128 GB of flash memory. RAM 4GB, Snapdragon 625, the battery, 3300 mAh, the main camera 12 MP, front 13 MP.

Front screen Samsung Super AMOLED, 1920×1080 resolution with a diagonal of 5.5″. The rear screen is made by technology E-Ink, the 1280×720 resolution and a slightly smaller diagonal of 5.2″. …


Became known the price and release date YotaPhone 3

YotaPhone 3 will be released in June 2017 at the Chinese exhibition in Harbin. It is reported by RBC with reference to the CEO of Marsfield (controls 34.9% of Yota Devices) Catherine Lapshin.

“The presentation of YotaPhone 3 will be held in the framework of the fourth Russian-Chinese Expo in Harbin, which will take place 15-19 June. The start of sales of smartphone will take place in September 2017,” – said the representative of Marsfield.

YotaPhone 3 will be equipped with two …


Opinion: Essential Phone is the only Android smartphone that can outshine iPhone 8

New mobile Phone Essential from the Creator of Android Andy Rubin made a serious bid for the title of best smartphone on the market. According to observers Mobiltelefon familiar with the device, the Android device can repeat the success of the iPhone, since it is the best that currently exists in the world of Android.

Frameless design

Essential Phone received of 5.71-inch display with a resolution of 2560х1312 pixels – that is, at almost the same as the LG G6, diagonally it stretches …


Yota Devices took out a loan for another $15 million to release YotaPhone 3 before the release of the iPhone 8

Yota Devices this year will introduce a new generation of smartphones with two screens. YotaPhone 3 is designed to compete with the iPhone 8, so should be out before the anniversary of the flagship Apple. To speed up the release of the smartphone, the company received additional loan of $15 million it is reported by RBC with reference to the Chinese company China …


What you need YotaPhone 3 to Eclipse iPhone 8: notes of lationoamerica

The other day Yota Devices has announced the release of the next, third model of their high – tech miracle- YotaPhone. The gadget is expected to debut just in time for the release of iPhone 8 – the anniversary of “Apple” smartphone. Explorer Pln-pskov has shared his experience with the Russian wonder-gadget and speculate on the prospects of the third YotaPhone to overshadow the September new Apple.

To withdraw completely from the political unlikely – far too many copies have been …


7 Russian counterparts macOS and Windows: why do they exist?

In the Wake of talk in Russia about import substitution, increasingly emerges the theme of rejection of the products of American companies in the IT sector, and government agencies from the beginning of 2016 and completely banned the use of foreign software in the presence of domestic analogues. In [email protected] decided to find out what are the alternatives to Windows and macOS is in Russia.

The patriots Troll in style: “Now you are reading this message on a Chinese computer with …


The Chinese response YotaPhone 2: smartphone Hisense A2 with two displays, AMOLED and E-Ink

YotaPhone 2 has clearly shown that our country can make a modern smartphone with decent characteristics. Moreover, a number of unique eye-catching for the market functions. However, the cost of the device, in fact, put an end to sales of the product.

Apparently realizing this, the Chinese company Hisense has copied the idea of Russian developers by offering more advanced equipment. Her new Hisense unit A2 is also provided with two displays on both sides of the case: average of 5.5-inch …


Loss manufacturer of smartphones YotaPhone for the six months amounted to nearly $8 million

The loss of the developer of the first Russian smartphone with two screens YotaPhone, company Yota Devices, from 27 April until 30 September 2016 amounted to 60,6 million Hong Kong dollars (about $7.8 million at the exchange rate on Thursday). About this “Vedomosti” with reference to statements of the owner of 30% of the company, Hong Kong China Baoli Technologies.

Yota Devices the losses attributable to the investment of the company and its owners in the development, promotion …