In the network appeared the schemes of the iPhone and iPhone Plus X X 2018

Earlier this month, the Internet appeared the image of 6.5-dulmage iPhone Plus X and 6.1-inch iPhone. But now the network has posted a detailed schematic of the dimensions and other aspects of their design.

The 6.5-inch iPhone

The future flagship iPhone Plus X 6.5-inch OLED screen with a ratio of 19:9 and the enclosure with the dimensions of 157.2 x 77,1 mm. This makes it even more compact than the current iPhone 8 Plus size 158,4 x 78,1 mm.

There are rumors that the next iPhone model will have a steel frame, and the weight will be more than 202 g, as the iPhone 8 Plus.

According to Gordon Kelly of Forbes, the new iPhone X Plus will actually have a triple camera. According to him, the three holes in the diagram indicate the location of the lens, but no flash. While it is unknown to which function is an intended third camera.

6.1-inch iPhone

The model will be only one camera and the Face ID system 1.0 as the iPhone X.

Dimensions of the case will be 147,12 x 71,52 mm, making it slightly above the model X with size 143,6 x 70.9 mm.

It is known that the smartphone will be missing the 3D Touch.

Rumor has it that Apple will release 3 smartphone in 2018, but the exact information yet. The third device will be an almost complete copy of the iPhone X, but with better performance, Face ID 2.0 and, possibly, triple camera, like a 6.5-inch relative.

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