As watchOS 5 was yet another reason to buy Apple Watch

Tell how one update back the clock to Royal status.

Trio autumn Apple updates 2018 (iOS 12, macOS Mojave and watchOS 5) is sure to become a modern classic. Their love for the functionality, the emphasis on stability and thoughtfulness. Obvious favorite in the list is the operating system for hours. Explain with simple arguments, why is she forced to go to the store and finally buy a Apple Watch.

In hours came fun

Is excessive pressure on the fitness, as it was in last year’s watchOS 4, this time Apple went in a more humane way. The company remembered that the watch needs to be practical. They are meant to give fun and fun!

The first progress in this direction — competitions with your friends. Purpose of activity now, you can compare with others: how many passed, how many burned calories. This basic competitive mechanics, but for the sake of it, people used individual services. Now the competition is built native. And given how easy it works, they are simply doomed to success.

The second innovation — a radio or app Walkie-Talkie. Initially, such opportunities still lit on the presentation of the first Apple Watch in 2015, but development has stalled. Re the announcement looks much more convincing — and, again, it’s fun. The fact that Apple showed a demo video of children talking on Walkie-Talkie — not a coincidence. On like the radio (comfortable and always in communication) wanted any child.

Telephone conversations and audio messages on instant messengers still left the niche of quick, simple communications by a voice — but a Walkie-Talkie showed up just in time. Insert a personal remark: as the tenant of a two-storey private house with a small yard, the function looks even more attractive. Given that we all have Apple Watch and the wifi covers the area, you can forget about shouting across the courtyard and a flight of stairs is enough to say a few words in hours. Perhaps the future was not us exactly — but it turned out to be incredibly practical.

Watches have become even more Autonomous

It’s time to talk about podcasts. If you have not yet listen — urgently to correct the situation. It’s a new hit media space, convenient for both users and authors. Podcasts are deeply studied subject, undertake non-standard questions. A lot of them, they are completely different and constantly improving in quality. Audio show allow you to share information with not sticking to the screen.

And now came the full podcasts on the Apple Watch — the new version of OSes got a client default player of iOS. This is a great releasefrom now on you can download to watch multiple editions of a favorite show, throw away your smartphone and go for a long walk or fitness classes. Gone was the last reason to be sad at the iPod Nano and Mini clock learned to fully replace the players.

In conjunction with the brilliant AirPods, they were finally rid of compulsory attendance under the hand of the iPhone. Of course, for a complete happiness lacks support for cellular connections. But there is reason to believe that this is only a temporary restriction because of the slowness of the operators. Plus, even in the current hands of the clock look much more independent.

Siri has become even closer. And even smarter

This thesis had to write last year. Then Apple showed watchOS 4 with a very ambitious point — an intellectual face for Siri. On paper and presentations all sounded great: smart screen that offers only relevate notification and information. But without integration of third-party applications, in the end, it looked boring.

Now this lack of fixed — third-party programs will be able to display the dial more information. Also stated that the work of the machine learning algorithms improved and this ensures that users will see more relevant information. Considering how active Apple is investing in AI, it is too easy to believe.

But best of all, of course, looks the following double features: lightweight a challenge to Siri and function Shortcuts. Detail the situation. Watch now learned to take teams to the voice assistant, after a show of hands. Say “Hey Siri” is no longer necessary. As for Shortcuts — this feature allows you to create complex workflows, linking multiple applications to run such scripts on a custom passphrase.

The potential of this complement are endless. Largely because Apple Watch is the ideal device to use Siri. While your iPhone may roll in the pocket or on the bottom of the backpack, a watch is always at hand and now is ready for immediate adoption teams. To run complex scripts, without taking your phone — a Paradise for lovers to make their life easier.

It will also attract the audience to watch pro-users. Largely due to the fact that Shortcuts based on the application Workflow. It Apple bought last year and has not ceased to support it. The program includes all of the same scripts on the iPhone and attracted an incredible number of fans. Users build their working environment based on Workflow and with equal passion will not pursue Shortcuts.

Small, but taken little things

WatchOS were also more modest improvements that add points of karma the smart watch. Will list just a few:

  • Automatic recognition workout sessions. Ran out for a jog and watch understand it yourself by starting to collect advanced statistics.
  • Improved notifications. Now programs can more closely interact from notifications. Plus, autonomy hours.
  • Customizable control center. There should not explain anything — it’s just convenient.
  • Support for third-party strikingb. More is not necessarily be limited to Apple Music.
  • “Nightly updates”. Watch finally cease to be the most difficult for updates device. They will update at night while charging.


Have to wait for public release watchOS 5 — and you can safely take your Apple Watch. Hours so balanced and deliberately pulled the functionality that they have become a must gadget for iPhone owners. Moreover, they finally learned how to fully work without a smartphone. It took four updates and years of work, but the result, according to preliminary estimates, worth it.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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