iMessage for Android: it will be decided whether the Apple?

With the help of iMessage iPhone, iPad and Mac daily send billions of messages, making the service one of the most popular (and, incidentally, secure) messengers all over the world. However, obviously, to win the first place, Apple needs to step their ecosystems and consider the possibility of iMessage on other platforms.

It is certainly unlikely that we will see this service on Windows Phone but on Android it’s possible. Messages about this and a couple of years ago there were many, and now Forbes has found out that in Cupertino even develop mokapu iMessage for Android. Blindly trust journalists, of course, is not necessary, but does such a move would be logical from Apple?

This is going to sound strange, but many iPhone owners can’t imagine my daily life without iMessage. They do not install third-party messengers and communicate only in the standard application. It is not excluded that the arrival of the service on Android will result in the risk of transition of user data to a competing platform. What is good from the point of view of the consumer, is not always beneficial for the company.

Apple already has experience in creating apps for Android. The company released the Apple Music and the program Move to iOS for this platform. Although the application was controversial owners of Android-based smartphones, many of them continue to use Apple services.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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