Judging by the app update WWDC, Apple once again wants to return to the volume interface

Apple has released an updated version of WWDC, and it may have something to tell you about the upcoming conference.

WWDC is a utility that contains all the information about the conference events, including the main event, which demonstrates new versions of operating systems and other Microsoft products.

The seventh version of the WWDC has a new icon and stickers. The logo and design of this app has always been a kind of hint of the future of iOS. For example, in 2013, shortly before the conference, Apple released a new version of the app WWDC-see a bright icon and the same design of internal components of the utility. This is the “clean” and bright became iOS 7. The first version of the mobile operating system experienced a global redesign.

A similar situation could be observed last year. Shortly before the release of iOS 11. Then in the app WWDC there were large headlines and large gaps between the interface elements that determined the overall style of the eleventh version of the mobile operating system Apple.

This year the utility’s logo changed again, but this time it was three-dimensional. For the first time in many years, the designers of the Corporation drew on it the texture of some material, and brand apples like made of steel and gained a shadow. Given the history of the WWDC app, it can be concluded that the team jony Ive once again decided to return to the likeness of a skeuomorph. Such changes and suggests the invitation to the conference. Previously, they were also flat, and in 2018 it appeared more objects like physical elements and objects from plastic.

Also included with the utility WWDC Apple offers to download brand stickers. In them you will notice the symbol of the universal access for people with disabilities, elbows of Metal, inscriptions Born to Code (translated as “born to code”) and hello (text accompanying releases of Mac computers). Some of them have been available before. Probably, thus the company wants to share in advance what will be discussed at the conference.

Of course, all this is just speculation and guesswork. Maybe the design of the app WWDC just wanted to freshen up and any suggestion it does not laid. But what are these releases, and the mysterious invitation, except for arguments and constructing theories based on them.

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