News Apple, issue 191: American iPhone, AirPods and tax applications

Presenting your attention the 190 th edition news program “news Apple”, where every week we talk about the most interesting events from the world of Apple. Today we will focus on the production of the iPhone in the U.S., the success of the AirPods, tax application in the Russian App Store and more.

1. The main supplier of processors for Apple mobile devices, the Taiwanese Corporation TSMC can start their own production on the territory of the United States. The reason for possible expansion is the financial benefits promised by Donald trump Apple and its partners. However, the transfer of production is not reflected on the final cost of the product. According to preliminary data, the price difference can range from 30 to 60%.

2. Recently, the Network appeared the concept of the second generation Mac Pro from the German designer Pascal Eggert. According to his vision, building the future the computer will be something of a cross between a modern Mac Pro and older models. New computer, as if stretched. Changes in size Eggert explained the opportunity to improve the hardware of the computer. Also according to him, the company needs to add new ports, not getting rid of the old one. However, we have trouble believing that Apple would go to such steps.

3. the first-generation iPhone may soon lose a voice call turned into a useless Museum piece, a press release from the American operator AT&T. According to published data, the service provider decided to abandon further support of the networks of the second generation, focusing on the development of LTE and 5G. About your desire to join AT&T also said representatives of several operators in Europe and the United States.

4. Since the beginning of this year in accordance with the so-called “Tax on Google” Apple pay Russian VAT of 18 % with sales of apps, music and other content. For many it was a surprise that the company has not increased the price and included the tax in the existing ones. So at whose expense the Apple pay VAT in our country?

Many of you probably already guessed — payments fall on the shoulders of application developers. This was confirmed by MacRumors and some of the creators of software products.

In fact, developers now have a choice — either to reduce their own income because of the tax, either by to increase the price of their apps. To do this, they can choose one of the available price bands. For example, the developer can raise the price from 75 to 149 rubles. But not the fact that it has a positive impact on sales of its application.

5. Apple’s decision to abandon equip the iPhone 7 with a 3.5 mm Jack led to rampant demand for wireless headphones. To such conclusion employees of the consulting firm Slice Intelligence. As at the end of 2016 – beginning of 2017 most popular model of wireless headphones have become the new AirPods with a share of 26%.

Three-quarters of headphones sold over the Internet in December last year, are wireless. This is a significant increase compared to the previous year, when the share of wireless headphones accounted for no more than half of sales. At the moment the undisputed leaders of the rating are AirPods and Beats.

Interestingly, buying AirPods most interested men. Female demographic among buyers of the wireless accessory is not more than 15%. With special attention to the gadget pay consumers under 30 years of age. They accounted for about 30% of sales. Satisfaction data owners so far apart. But to evaluate this index in less than a month after the start of sales is early.

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