One interesting feature of Super Mario Run

One interesting feature of Super Mario Run

The long awaited game Super Mario Run will be released next week. Despite a price tag of 749 rubles, a dream to play it as soon as possible. However, one significant detail about the game, which was silent at the presentation, were revealed only today.

In an interview with Mashable, one of the producers of Super Mario Run said that the game will require a constant Internet connection. According to him, Nintendo cares about privacy software, so I decided to take this step.

One interesting feature of Super Mario Run

Indeed, piracy of apps on iOS is possible, but only on jailbroken devices. Since the game will be launched simultaneously in 150 countries, online access will help developers to control it.

However, it is unlikely this news will be well perceived by users. The advantage of games on iOS that they usually do not depend on Network connectivity and user location. Play Super Mario Run in a plane, for example (unless it is equipped with Wi-Fi), will not work.

The game will be available December 15 for iPhone and iPad.

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