Opera introduced Neon is the new concept web browser

What, in your opinion, are the qualities of the ideal web browser? Performance, convenient location of controls and pleasant design. To add to this, frankly, is a small list of advantages of something else is extremely difficult. In any case, significant changes on the market for surfing the Network has not occurred for the past several years. But Mozilla knows what users need.

“We have assembled a team of the most talented developers and designers to implement project of our experimental web browser — comment on release Opera. Tabs, pages, and other objects will react to your actions, behaving like living […]. Like concept cars, the future cars, the Neon today demonstrates in which direction will develop web browsers”.

The concept of the perfect web browser, in the view of the developers of Opera looks very simple, but no less curious. Unlike the vast majority of analogs Neon does not have a clearly defined framework, and therefore appears on the screen literally out of nowhere, eliminating the border between the desktop and the world wide web. This effect produces a nice impression, inevitably forcing to admit of the kind of innovative idea.

Another interesting feature Neon – tabs. Now it is a large round icons that resemble those that look at you from the screen of the Apple Watch. They will be located in the special area to the right of the loaded page, increasing usability in comparison with analogues. It is also worth noting available the default Split View with native support for multiple monitors and a built-in screenshot editor that allows you to capture screen images in seconds.

To download the test build of Opera Neon for Windows and macOS can be absolutely free at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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