PowerPod — case with wireless charging for AirPods

While Apple is delaying the release of docking station AirPower and case with wireless charging for AirPods, other manufacturers do it for her. PowerPod is a cheap case that comes with wireless charging function.

The idea of a PowerPod rather simple. This silicone case that fits over the top of the case AirPods. On the front it has a coil for wireless charging, and inside — the Lightning connector. Thus PowerPod plays the role of mediator.

“It slightly increases the weight and dimensions of the AirPods, but you get used to that,” says the editor of iDownloadBlog Sebastian Paige.

The case is made of high quality silicone which fits snugly to the body AirPod. This material was chosen not by accident. First, the silicone is a durable material from which you can make any shape. Secondly, it is heat-resistant and acts as the perfect insulator between the wireless charging case and AirPods.

PowerPod can be purchased on the official website of the manufacturer for $ 35.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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