Released a new Opera for Mac and Windows with the function “picture in picture” and personalized news

Update Opera browser brought improved function removal of video and personalized news feed. Picture-in-picture available in the new version of the browser for Mac and Windows.

This technology is Opera 39 allows users to detach video and move it around the screen so that you can continue watching the video and in parallel to work, play or search anything in the web ā€“ browser or any other program. A similar feature is available in Safari in the new operating system macOS Sierra.

Users just go to the video site, e.g. YouTube and start the video. Then in the top of the window an icon will appear, clicking on which you can check out the video and continue viewing. Users will be able to work in parallel with other programs.

The ability to take video was first presented in may this year and has been continuously improved since then. Now the function of “picture in picture” allows you to detach a video from most sites, including Vimeo and play and put the video on pause “one-click”. In addition, there was the option to disable for those who don’t need it.

In addition to Opera 39 also can be a new way to get acquainted with the news. If you open start page and click the icon in the form of the newspaper in the left side of the screen, the program will offer personalized news in the new news feed.

Another improvement is the pop-up search, which makes browsing even easier. Once you select the text in the Mozilla window will appear offering the most common function for the selected text ā€“ find or copy. This feature can be turned off in the settings of the browser interface.

New version of Opera was optimized memory Manager Blink. Now, each active tab consumes a few megabytes less memory.

Download chrome 39 for Mac and Windows is available for free on the developers website.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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