Samsung adds smart TVs 2019 assistant Google

Before the exhibition CES 2019 in less than three weeks, but the network has already appeared information about new products. Today it became known that Samsung plans to present at the event equipped with the updated AI.

Publisher Variety reports that Samsung plans to introduce a new artificial intelligence technology, the range of TVs 2019. As you know, the South Korean giant has added the voice assistant in Bixby QLED TVs in 2018, and next year Samsung is going to integrate Google assistant, which will greatly extend the functionality of smart TV.

TVs from other manufacturers already support voice assistants from Google and Amazon. Implementation support one of these voice assistants will greatly simplify the communication with other smart home gadgets for people who, in addition to Samsung, use devices from different brands.

Another important innovation relates to the sound. Judging by the names of the recently registered trademarks Samsung is working on a technology similar to that used in Google Home Max and Apple HomePod. Thanks to her AI will be able to learn more about the room in which it is located, and accordingly to adjust the sound.

All the details will be announced in early January during the exhibition that will be held in Las Vegas, USA.

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