Samsung launches a program of leasing for purchase of new smartphones

Samsung will soon launch in Russia, the leasing programme for the purchase of the flagship smartphone of the company. The service will be available from October 2018. About it informs news Agency Regnum referring to “Vedomosti”.

Since October, the Russian users of Samsung will be able to buy the flagship phone of the company on the terms of the lease. Representatives of the South Korean smartphone manufacturer noted that the introduction of the new services they hope to attract new customers mobile devices, and also facilitate the users to exchange outdated devices with new ones.

The owner of the leased telephone will be required for 12 months to pay for it a fixed amount, after which it will be able to exchange your smartphone for a new one. If the customer decides to abandon the program or want to reduce the time of getting a new device up to six months, it will have to pay compensation in the amount of 3 900 rubles.

Under the terms of the Samsung, the first time in leasing will be available only top-end devices — Galaxy S9, S9+ and Note 9. Experts, “Vedomosti” also stressed that one of the reasons for the emergence of new beneficial for the user of the styles of economic problems Samsung and high competition of companies with Chinese manufacturers.

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