Save backup iPhone to external hard drive

Current models of the iPhone in terms of volume, internal storage sometimes identical hard drives of the older models of the MacBook, so when the need arises to make backup, each Gigabyte is sometimes on the account. If you have a capacious external hard drive, our advice will help you to save your backups to it without having to occupy unnecessary space on your Mac.

For starters, you need to connect your external hard drive to the computer and create on it a folder. To it quickly you can identify, let’s call it “iPhoneBackup”. Then open a new window in the Finder and press the key combination Command+Shift+G. In the box that appears specify the path ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/ and then find the Backup folder.

You then need to copy the Backup folder in that same folder iPhoneBackup on the external drive. Original folder left on your PC rename in “Backup-Old” and can safely remove if you need to clear space on your Mac.

And now the final touch: Telegram imprint and run the following command, replacing “ExternalHardDriveName” for information about your external drive:

ln-s /Volumes/ExternalHardDriveName/iPhoneBackup/Backup/ ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync

Now run iTunes, plug your iPhone or iPad, then save the backup as you used to do. The backup will be saved on an external hard drive that you have connected to the computer, and subsequent recovery will be done from that copy. I think that it is not necessary to remind you how carefully you need to handle the drive, if you do not want to permanently lose the stored data.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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