Shanghai Donya has introduced external micro DAC for lovers of quality sound with the iPhone 7

Releasing the iPhone 7 without the usual 3.5 mm audio Jack, Apple company has created problems for owners of high-quality wired headphones. The cupertinos at the same time provided opportunities for manufacturers of appropriate adapters and / or adapters.

The situation decided to take advantage of the company Shanghai Donya. It has developed external DAC called Lightning Stereo Adapter. The device is made in the form of cable white. On one side of the adapter is a Lightning plug to connect to the iPhone connector on the other – 3.5 mm audio Jack and Lightning.

The device connects to a single port on the iPhone 7 and allows you to simultaneously charge your mobile device and play audio content through a wired earphone. According to the manufacturer, the product has been certified by MFi and has no problems with any of the currently used iOS versions.

A remarkable accessory that can be used as “extension cable” at that time, as to its 3.5 mm input headphones are plugged in. Sometimes it can be very convenient.

What makes the product truly attractive is the availability of own DAC 24 bit/48 kHz and the amplifier is capable of producing 88 mW per channel at a load resistance of 16 Ohms at 1 KHz. Such resistance often have a compact in-ear headphones.

The retail price of the Lightning adapter Stereo Adapter set at 4900 yen (about 2500 rubles).

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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