Ships Mask will not "sweat"

The creator of SpaceX, Ilon Musk, said during the online broadcast of the launch of the Cargo Dragon rocket that the reusable orbital spacecraft Starship will use ceramic tiles for thermal protection.

When entering the Mars orbit, the nose of the rocket heats up to 1480 ° C, while the steel melts at 1315 ° C. In February, Musk noted that the steel body of the rocket would be cooled due to “sweating”, that is, cold fuel that would leak through special openings in the outer shell.

It quickly became clear that such a design change could either delay the launch of a starship rocket or make it difficult to reuse it, so the company returned to the traditional protection option. Now ceramic panels are being tested.

In July, Ilon Mark promised that test flights would begin in September or October of the current year, and by early 2020, the first ships would be put into orbit.

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